Sending a image in the story, viewing documents and changing the group icon

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You can send messages to parents or students from the Edvoice app, so that all students and parents that have joined the group can see them.

You only have to go to the bottom part of the story screen to be able to write it and send it.

Send image

From any chat you can send an image to any members, for this you must press the button that you will see on the left at the bottom of the screen.


By pressing this button you must choose whether the image will be captured from the camera or selected from the gallery of the device.


The users who receive the images will appear as one more message on their chat screen.


If you click on an image you can see it in an enlarged way, also having access to the rest of the images in the lower part.


You also have the option to see all the images of a certain chat, for this from the chat screen you must click on the title to open the details screen, where you will see the Multimedia option.


If you click on the Multimedia option, you can see all the images of that chat channel as a mosaic.


Note: In case you are a teacher user, you can also send images from the screen of a story.

Viewing documents

From Edvoice you can visualize all the documents received in the stories.

To be able to visualize the documents, you will only have to click on the received document or look for it from the Multimedia option that appears in the details of the story.


Click on Multimedia and then on the Documents tab to select the document you want to open.




 Changing the group icon

Once the group is activated, Edvoice will automatically assign an icon to a group depending on the characteristics.

If you are a teacher you can change the icon. If you click on the name of the group, you can view who the members of the group are and modify its icon by clicking on Edit. Edvoice offers a series of preset icons so that you can customize the group.


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