Radar charts to analyze skills and standards progress

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What are radar charts?

Radar chart is a frequently used method for comprehensive evaluation, particularly useful for holistic and overall assessment through multivariate data.

Through reflection and analysis, radar graphs allow us to know what competences and aspects of learning should make emphasis and how your students have evolved.

It is a very visual assessment tool that allows to compare with a simple observation the results of the class and determine if there is an item or competence in which students have more difficulties and, therefore, it must be reinforced or on the contrary there is a concept that they have assimilated and it is not necessary to continue working.

Radar charts are also known as spider charts, polar charts, web charts, or star plots).

Benefits of using spider graphs

  1. They provide a very easy way to see if someone is competent or not
  2. They are great input in the development of learning plans

How to create and view radar charts in Additio App to analyze skills and standards progress

For creating the radar graphs that analyze skills/competences and standards’ progress, you should only access the skills or standards tab in your gradebook and click on the icon on the column named "radar chart" of the student you want to see its performance and the comparison with the average of the class.


Once the radar graph icon is clicked, a pop-up window will appear directly with the competences or standards in a very visual way. In blue, you will see the mean/average of the group and in red the student's grade according to competence or standard.

For example, you could compare a student to his peer group by overlaying the average radar graph from the entire class on top of his personal radar graph.



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