Attendance report

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From the centers panel, the IT administrator or school director, has an overview of the presence and absence of all the students.

When accessing the base group, push the icon that appears right to student's name. Once you did this, select the option 'Attendance report'.


From this moment on, you can access all the attendance information of this student from all it's different groups.


By clicking on the icon that appears right next to the pupil's name, you will get a resume of all the relevant attendance information.


By clicking on the 'Actions' button, you will be able to select a date you want to check the attendance of.


The lateral arrows on the right make it possible to consult the attendance of each student individually.

NOTE: In order for the attendance to appear in the report of the base group, it is necessary that the students have the same identification number in both Additio App and the base group.

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