Delivery requirement and submission of the task

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During this tutorial you will see haw can you add a submission requirement on Edvoice messages.

Within the group where you want to send the message click on the three vertical points and within Edvoice select "Send message".


Choose who you want to send the title to and configure the title and the explanatory text of the task you want your students to carry out. When this is configured, select the "Require" option.


When you press this option, you must configure the title that will have the column where you will assess that task (that will be created when you send it) and the tab that you want it to be on. 

At this time you can also select the deadline for submission of the task. And you can send it.


Once sent, your students will receive an Edvoice message to which they will be able to attach a document or photo:



Finally, you will receive the task in Additio and it will be ready to assess.


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