Behavior reports

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*Note: you need the administrator role to do this.

From the center panel, you can create behavior reports and follow-up reports following the same steps:

You can select the student in the base group under "New behaviour" and create a new category of the incident. For example "Being disruptive".


When you create new incidents, the program creates new categories.

In these categories, you can detail a title and a description, you can also select the teacher who records the incidence among all the teachers of the center, as well as the hour and day.



NOTE: Once the incident is created, you can send it to the families and students by Edvoice and selecting who you want to notify.


After that, the administrator can create a behavior report by selecting the option: base group> behavior report. The report is automatically generated with all the details of the incidents of base groups.


On the group incident report, you can export the document in CSV or PDF. To do this, you just have to press the Export option that appears on the upper left.


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