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In many occasions, the implementation is the most complicated point and the one that takes the longest to achieve, so from Additio we want to offer you all the tools to make a successful implementation and start working with the students.

For this reason, apart from the 3 Onboarding sessions that we do, we offer you some resources that will help you to follow step by step what we have seen in the sessions. In these links you will find help for the launch of Additio for Schools in your center:

-Here you will see the format of the Excel must have the document for the import of students

-Here you will find information on how to create base groups and assign students to teachers

-Here you have a video with all the steps to follow for the start-up

-Here you will see how to activate Edvoice for communications from the panel of centers and communications from the teacher profile.

-Here you will see how you can see the attendance of the students

Remember that if you have doubts about the implementation, you can write to us at

We also recommend that you request training for teachers since interaction in training is much more fluid, and so we can talk and answer any questions you may have.

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