Role assignment: administration or teacher

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Depending on your role in the center, you will have access to different options in the centers panel.

It is necessary to configure the appropriate profile in the list of teachers: To do that, you just have to access to "Teachers" and press the Edit option of the teacher, to whom you want to assign a role. Then in "Access as an administrator" and select the most suitable option: None, Teacher profile or Administration profile.



*If you are a teacher:

You can access the panel of centers with your username and password and in it, you will find the base groups. The base groups are the general groups of each one of the levels of the school.

In these base groups you can:

-Create report cards

-Create an incident and follow-up report

-View attendance reports

-See the report on transversal competences


-Justify absences



-View the notebook of the students who are part of the base group

- View the student's attendance notebook



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