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You can register all the teachers in Additio by pressing the option "Create teacher".




To add a user, you must enter their: name, surname, email and a password. The password assigned to the user will only be temporary since when entering Additio App the first time, then the teacher will be forced to change the password to one that only he/she knows.


When adding or editing a teacher, you can also check the option "Access to the centre as administrator" so that he/she can access the platform of the centre and have the function of administrator, with the same username and password of the App. In the same way, you can also select the option "create an example group" or not.

You can also edit the teacher's information at any time, change their password and check the licence they have.



Using the search engine you can quickly find teachers at the centre using various search criteria: name, surname, email...



You can unlink a teacher from the centre by pressing the "X" button. Once unlinked, his/her licence is removed and the individual licence is kept with all its data. If the teacher has a group shared with another teacher from the centre, it won't be possible to unlink it.

 If you click on a teacher on the list, you will be able to see all the groups she/she has as well as the number of existing students in each one. You also can edit some group data and share it with other teachers to give them edit or read-only access.



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