Use rubrics to assess skills and standards

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To do it you will have to configure the skills and standards you will use to assess the students.

Once configured, you will be able to apply skills and standards on your rubrics, to do that, you have to create a rubric using the rubrics' configurator. While creating assessment items, you will be able to select the skills and standards that you are going to use to mark each item. You just have to click options> associated skills and associated standards.



Once you click “select” option, it will appear a pop-up window with the skills or standards that you have created and you will be able to select the ones you want to use to asses the item.


Once selected a skill or standard it will appear the option to select the weighing that you want to use, (it will appear a square on the right of the skill/standard to write the weighing. The marks or students assessed with competences will be done by the weighing you give to it. If the number is bigger it will have more importance on the mark of the activity.

Once configured the rubric, you can use it on the group, to do that, the first step is to make sure that you have the skills and competences assessment active on the group. Once you have that active, you just have to create a new column, apply the rubrics and assess the student. 



As you assess the rubric and select the value of the items created, in the skills and standards tab will appear the mark. 



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