Copy the planning from one group to another

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If you need to have the same plan in more than one group, you can do it. To do that, you just have to the planning of the group that has no planning and select the option “Copy plan” that appears on the gear.


Once selected a pop-up window will appear where you will have to choose the group in which you have the entire planning.


NOTE: The sessions must be done on the timetable to be able to copy the planning.


Once chosen, it will be time to configure which sections you want to import, both planning, monitoring and activities. You will also have to select the period of dates that you want to copy or if you want to copy everything.


Once configured, it will appear another pop-up window. You will have to select the date in which you want to copy the first session of the planning. You will also have a preview of the sessions.

You will have to select in which tab do you want the planned activities programmed for each one of the sessions you are copying.


Finally, click “Next” and automatically it will appear all the information you chose on the new group.


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