Assessing and tracking attendance from the classroom plan

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From the classroom plan you’ll also be able to track attendance and assess students. Click on the icon located on the upper-right side of the group to access it.


Once inside, an option to select columns will appear on the lower side of the window. From here, you’ll be able to select the tab and column you want to use to assess or track attendance.


When you select the tab, all the columns you have created will pop up. If you click on the one you want to use, some circles will appear on top of the students’ pictures for you to see or give the appropriate grade. This will give you a general overview of all students.


As per the attendance, if you select “Attendance and absences” you’ll also be able to use existing columns or create the column of the current day by pressing the option +.

After creating the attendance column, all students will display the default icon you set up for attendance. You can change it by clicking it.


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