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You will be able to securely archive in the cloud the base groups that you no longer use (for example, the groups of previous courses), which will allow you to free space in your account.

You can do it from within the base group or directly from the list of base groups:

To do it from the base group:

Access within the base group and click on the Actions option. Here you will see the option to Archive in the cloud.


When you press on the group you want to store in Cloud, a confirmation message will pop up, to make sure you want to store this group in the cloud.


To do it from the list of base groups:

Click the Actions option. Here you will see the option to Store base groups in the cloud.


At this time you will see all base groups, separated by archived in the cloud and not archived. If you click on the non-archived ones, you can archive them so they do not appear in the list.



It is possible to unarchive the groups whenever you want. To unarchive a group you only have to click on the group you wish to unarchive. After accepting the confirmation message, the group will be unarchived and available as regular.

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