Weighting of standards and skills

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The weighting works in the following way: by default all the columns have weighting 1 and therefore all have the same weight to calculate the standard grade. Anyway, if we want an exam, for example, to have twice the weight of a presentation, what we have to do is put weighting 2 on the exam and keep weighting 1 on the presentation.

For example, imagine that a student has the following grades:
Examination: 8
Presentation: 5

If they have weighting 1 both, to calculate the standard the application does (8 + 5) / 2
On the other hand, if the exam has weighting 2 and the presentation follows 1, what it does is the following: ((8 * 2) + 5) / 3

That is, it gives double the weight to the exam.

With this tool you can easily configure the weights you want. It is different from a weighting by percentages ... that you would say 30% to one, 70% to the other because we believe that this way is easier to maintain and configure.

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