Sharing and importing standards

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To share a standard, you have to access the option “Marks and rubrics > Standards configurator”, click on the 3 vertical dots menu and select the “Share standards” option.


It is necessary for you to enter a name and the description of the shared standard. Once you have entered the name, you will see that the option “Share the standards with my fellow teachers” is set by default, so that all your school colleagues can use it. After entering the name and selecting the standard you want to share, you just have to click on “Share” so that your colleagues can import it.


A code will also be generated so that you can share the standard manually with teachers who do not work at your school.  



Access the standard list in the Standards configurator, click on the 3 vertical dots menu and select the “Import standards” option.


At this point you can choose whether you wish to import a shared standard to all the school (and therefore it will appear in the list of shared standards) or if you wish to import it with a code.


Once the standard has been selected from the list, a message will pop up asking you if you are sure of the importation. You have to click “OK” to confirm.

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