Group chats

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Edvoice allows conversations between teachers, parents and students, both individually and in groups. To start chatting with another user you just have to click on the option Chats that appears next to the Stories.


Group chats

In addition to having a conversation with a single person, you can create groups to communicate with more than one parent, student or teacher at the same time and have a conversation.

To do this, you must press the text balloon with the + button that appears at the top right of the screen and select the New group option.

At this moment you must select the people that will be part of the group and click on the Create option that appears in the upper right part of the screen. Finally, you only have to name the group to finish creating it.

Once created, in the list you only have to click on the group name and you can start chatting with the group members.

Note: Teachers can create groups with students and / or their parents. However, students and parents can only create groups with teachers.
Chat details

In the details of a Chat you can see the list of members of it, or leave the Chat to not receive more messages.


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