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You can send several kinds of messages to all students and/or parents in a base group:

  • Text messages
  • Pictures
  • Docs
  • Calendar events

In order to send a message, press the ‘Send message’ option under the ‘Edvoice’ menu of the base group.  


Once the message modal window pops up, press the selector that reads ‘Students’ to choose the recipient of the message: the students, the parents or both of them.

Then select the appropriate tab depending on the kind of message you wish to send.

  • Text: Insert a title (optional) and write the message you want them to receive.


  • Docs: Select one or several docs that you would like to send and choose whether to add a title and a message.


  • Picture: Select one or several pictures that you would like to send and choose whether to add a title and a message.


  • Calendar: Select the date and the time of the event you want to send. Confirmation of attendance will be requested by default, but you can untick the box in case it is not required. You can also edit the title and write an optional message.


By pressing ‘Send’, the recipients will receive the message on their phones provided that they have installed the Edvoice app and have joined the group through the activation codes.

Please note that the messages sent using this option will be general to the group, i.e. to all students, all parents or all students and parents.

Once the messages have been sent, you will receive a delivery confirmation or an alert notification in the event that some students or parents have not yet activated Edvoice on their phones.

NOTE: Individual messages to a student and/or their parents can also be sent by pressing the icon Captura_de_pantalla_2017-11-03_a_las_18.14.08.png in the students list.

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