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Now the schools that purchase licences for their teachers can enjoy great benefits and will be able to manage the users of the educational institution from this Management Panel. (Get to know the Schools plan)

The address to access the school management panel is http://centers.additioapp.com

If you are a new school, you can click on the Create account button and then fill in the mandatory fields.

This information is required to create the bill. If you already have a school account, you can access it as usual through the login screen.

NOTE: You can only access the platform with the school’s user name and password. This account has nothing to do with the personal accounts used for the applications.

Once you have logged into the Management platform, your School profile appears as your main page, along with the set of data you have previously entered and that you can edit whenever you want with the modify option at the bottom of the page.

Once you have checked that the information is correct, you can access the following page: Manage team.

In this page you can enter and save your school’s teachers. To enter each user, press Create and enter the data the platform requires. Once this is done, press Create again.

NOTE: With the wheel icon that appears next to the registered user, you will be able to modify or delete the user.

The following step is accessing the page Manage plans. Press the button Create to create your school plan and specify the number of Plus and Essential licences you need. At the bottom part of the screen you will be able to see the total price.

Plans have a validity of one year. Therefore, each year you will have to repeat these steps to generate a new plan, assign the licences you want for the new school year and create a new receipt. 

Once you have selected the number of licences, you have to assign them to the users you have registered in the previous step. In order to do that, press Assign users and assign a licence to each user. By pressing on Assign selected, you will link each licence with each user.

The last step in this page is confirming the plan. Once it has been confirmed, a receipt containing the data entered during the process will be created.

IMPORTANT: Once you have confirmed the plan, you will no longer be able to modify the assigned users and the licence will already be activated.

Once the plan is confirmed, you will only need to access the section Receipts, where you will be able to download the receipt for the purchased plan.


By pressing on View, you can have a preview ofyour school’s receipt. You will also have the option to print it directly from the platform by pressing on the option Print. 

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