How to start a new school year

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To start preparing for the new school year it is very important to do two different things: archive the old groups so they don’t take up space or processing capacity from the tablets, and create the new groups you will work with. In this tutorial we will show you how to leave everything ready for next school year.

Archiving the old groups in the cloud

Some very important news that was introduced in the 3.0 version is the possibility to archive the groups in our servers, so that they don’t take up space in the tablets or interfere in your daily use of the application.

In this tutorial you will find information about how to use this feature.

Create the new groups

If you have already worked with the application during a school year, you surely know perfectly well how to create groups and import students, but there are some features that many users do not know and that could reduce the time needed to create the groups. Next you will find a list of these features and their respective tutorials:

- Import the students to the group: Since the 3.0 version we have made many improvements in this area. Now it is possible to import students from the files in the official platforms, import from any Excel file and even upload the pictures in a batch or through facial recognition. You will find all the information in this link.

- You might be interested in reusing the calculus structure you had previously created. This can be done with the option Copy the tabs and columns structure of another group.

- Another improvement introduced in the 3.0 version is the possibility to import structures by other teachers that also use Additio App. If many teachers in your school use Additio App and want to share the best structures or share rubrics, you can do it through the steps detailed in this tutorial.

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