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Store in Cloud feature allows you to minimise the memory use and to speed up the app.

With this feature you can save the groups you don’t use anymore (for example, the groups of previous years) in the cloud, in a secure way, and it will allow you to free up space in your tablet and in your account.

To use it, access the group list in the main menu. Press the three vertical dots and choose the Store groups option.

When you press on the group you want to store in Cloud, a confirmation message will pop up, to make sure you want to store this group in the cloud.

NOTE: Once you have stored the groups you wanted, synchronise the application in the different devices you use it on to avoid making changes in the stored groups.

In the three vertical dots you can select the option that the groups stored in Cloud are shown in your groups list.


It is possible to unarchive the groups whenever you want. To unarchive a group you only have to go to the option “Store groups” and click on the group you wish to unarchive. After accepting the confirmation message, the group will be unarchived and available as regular.

NOTE: You can also store the groups in the app, but we recommend you that from now on you use the Store in Cloud feature, because it will improve the app’s performance (Check out the tutorial: Store groups).

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