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Notes allow you to record your meetings, group events, interviews and anything you want.

Creating a note

Notes can be created from the pencil icon option you will find in the main menu and in the fixed tab of each group.

There are 3 types of notes: group notes, student notes and independent notes. In the  main menu option you will see all the notes created in the groups and linked to students, but you can also create other more general notes. In the groups, however, you can also link them to the group or to a student. 

NOTE: When you link a note to a student, you can also see it in his personal card, pressing on his or her name and accessing the corresponding Notes section. It is also possible to create notes in the events.

The procedure to create a note is the same in both sections. Once you are in, you have to press the + button and a pop-up window will appear. There you will be able to fill in the following fields:

The first option is Select group, and it is the one that allows you to link the note. When you press on it you will see lists of all the groups you have and, when you save it, you will also be able to see it in the Notes section of the group.

In this case, the note would be linked to the group you choose, but you also have the possibility to link it to a student. In order to do so, press the Select student option that appears next to the name of the selected group and choose the student you wish from the list.

NOTE: In the screenshot you see the pop-up window that appears when creating a note from the main menu. If that were created from inside a group you wouldn’t have the Select groups option. In this case you would see the name of the group and there would only be the possibility to select a student.

NOTE: If you create the note from the main menu option, you don’t necessarily have to link it to a student. If you don’t press the Select student option, the note will be general.

The following fields you have to fill in are Title and Text. The Title is compulsory, and in Text you can apply a certain format to the content you enter (e.g. bold, italics, underlining, etc.), as if it were a text editor.

Another option that appears when creating a note is Tags. A tag is a word or a set of words that allow you to classify, organize or group a content. Thus it will be easier to find with the help of the browser all the notes that contain those tags.

To introduce tags in a note, you should write them in the corresponding field and press the Enter key every time you want to add a new one.

Right next to the Save button there is a drop-down button with 3 options: Save as template, Apply template and Edit templates.

Templates will allow you to create various document type models (meetings, interview with the parents...), which you will be able to use and complete as many times as you need.

When you save a note as a template you will be able to use it in another note you create. For that purpose, press the drop-down button and select the Apply template option to choose the one you want from the list.

You will be able to delete or edit the existing templates anytime; in this case, use the Edit templates option.


View and filter notes 

All the notes you create and save will appear listed chronologically in the top of the screen. There is a browser that allows you to filter them by title, text excerpt or tag.

In each listed note you will see its title, tags and an excerpt of the text. In order to read it all you should press on it; then a pop-up window will appear and it will allow you to view it and edit it.

NOTE: On the right margin of each note you can also see its creation date and hour. There is also a colour strip, which corresponds to the group to which it has been linked. If the colour strip is black it means that it is a general note and, therefore, it is not linked to any group or student.





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