Customize reports with your school's name and logo

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NOTE: This feature is only available for users that have a multi-device version, that is, one with annual payment.

In web version exists Reports module option that allows you to create visual and customizable reports. 

One example of this is the possibility to configure a logo and school details in order to see them in the header of reports.

Therefore, access in Settings of the main menu and select My profile option. A popup window will be desplayed showing your personal details and information about your license, as well as My school option to enter the name and upload the logo of your school.

Enter the name of the school in the field and then press the Select file button and locate the logo. Once uploaded you will preview it on the right and once you save this configuration, automatically will appear in the header of all your reports.

NOTE: If you ever want to modify or delete your logo, access in My profile and press over the image with the right mouse button. 




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