News about 2.2 update

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1. Seating plan

You can create infinite planes to distribute the students in the classroom as well as select a random student with magic wand. In this tutorial you will see how to use it.

2. Resources (functionality for users with multi-device license)

Will allow you to add any file within the app and website version and then link them wherever you want: Class Diary, column, student record ... In this tutorial you will learn how to add files and link within the app depending on the device you use.

3. Export Class Diary

Now users of the iPad App version can export the contents of the Class Diary in a single page, instead of one page per day as it was until now.

4. New tutorials in Help section

We have created new tutorials and video tutorials in order to help you solving your doubts.

Also, within the application we have implemented a contextual help that will suggest the tutorials related to the screen where you are.

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