News about 1.5 update

Judit -

1. We have added 20 new icons

Once inside the group, press large over the student name or cell which you want to add an icon, select the Icon option and you will see all icons available in the gallery.

2. Configure conditional values to display the alphabetic equivalent of numerical marks

3. New time slots available when you create a new alarm event

To set a new event with an alarm notification, create a new event in the Calendar or Timetable view pressing over + symbol, located in the top right part of the screen. Once inside the pop-up window set in Alarm when you want to receive the notification of this event. We have added the following new time slots: 2h, 3h, 6h, 1d, 2d and 3d. In Date field, you can select the date, starting time, ending time, and also in Repetition you can establish its repetition frequency.

4. Select all the columns at once in fx functions

When you are using any fx function form Formula generator (Weighted average, Arithmetic mean and Sum), after pressing the + button to add columns, the new Select all columns button will appear.

NOTE: Select all columns function can’t be applied to columns with the mark type Open text field.

5. Now the attendance tab also records time

Once you create a new column in Attendance and tardiness tab, you can see the date as a title and the exact time of its creation as a subtitle, in order to obtain a more detailed student attendance record.

If you edit the column you are able to change the time by the subtitle that you want.

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