News about 1.4 update

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1. Add icons to students

Once inside the group, press large over the student name which you want to add an icon. Then, select the Icon option and choose one from the gallery. You will see that it will appear next to the photo.

2. Create subgroups and filter them using the search box

3. Create a student report without its personal details

4. Repeat calendar events and receive notifications on your device

To set the repetition of a new event in any calendar view, press over + symbol displayed on the upper right part of the screen. Once inside the pop up window, in Date field you can select the start and end time and also set an alarm and adjust its repetition rate using its options. This allows you receive a notification on your device to alert you of the event.

This option is also available when you create a student event. To do it, enter into the student record, press over Actions and select New event option.

6. Hide weekends

To hide weekends you must enter in Configuration from the main menu and activate Hide weekends option.

7. New language: Italian

Enter into Configuration using the main menu and select Language option. In the popup window you will see a list of all languages where you can activate it using the checkbox.

We inform that with this new version, the column average ignores the empty cells and reports can be previewed before sending them by email.

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