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1. Help Dossier

It will let you learn and discover the main features of the application as well as the basic configuration to get the most out of it. Check it out here

2. Help in-app

When installing the application for the first time, an interactive help will appear and will let you know how to start using the application.

3. Calculation of the mark and attendance percentage

In the following tutorials you will see how to get the calculation of the mark and the percentage of attendance:

4. Filter according attendance dates

In the attendance tab appears a funnel icon that lets you apply certain dates in order to see only the records according to the defined period of time.

5. Sort students alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Once selected the Sort items option of the 3 vertical dots menu, now appears the option to sort them alphabetically in ascending (AZ) or descending (ZA).

6. Display data on the Timetable

As a novelty, when you create a group-class, you can define the classroom name. Thus, you will be able to se this information in the Timetable view next to the name of the group and time period in which the class is taught. Learn how to create your timetable in this tutorial. 

7. Searcher in the Class Diary

By clicking on the Class Diary calendar icon, you can access a particular date.

8. Hide classes from the Calendar

If you want to see only the classes in the Timetable view, you can select the option Hide the classes from the calendar available in Settings.

9. Arrow icon in groups

If in a tab of a group you have many columns, if you click on the arrow icon in the top right part you can quickly access to the last column of the notebook.

10. Overwrite the value of a cell

When you create a column with Calculated Formula, you can modify the value obtained in the calculation pressing large on a student cell. In this way we can freely enter the correct student’s grade and simultaneously see the previous mark.

11. Icon to identify a note in the Timetable

In the same way that happens when you insert a comment in a cell of a group, once you write a note in an event of the Timetable view, a triangle symbol will appear in the top right corner of the event.

12. New fx functions: Max, Min

In the ‘Formula Generator’ tou will find Max and Min fx functions that allow you to choose the maximum and minimum value of the columns you choose. Discover how to use them in this tutorial.

13. Edit events with the same repetition frequency

When you apply a change to an event of the Timetable or Calendar, you can choose if you want to apply it only to this or the other related events that have the same periodicity.

14. Simplification of the process to remove a group

When editing a group ‘Delete’ option appears directly to expedite the process. In smartphones the process has not changed, so you need to archive and re-edit. You can see how in this tutorial.

15. Show the subgroup next to the students’ name

You’ll find this option when you create or edit a group.

16. Omit cells without mark in the Weighted mean

Just as in the Arithmetic mean, it is possible also to omit them in this fx function.

17. Create Conditional values

In Settings you can create conditional values in order to automatically apply them in any column, allowing to don’t have to set them again and again.

18. New types of note: Attendance and Positive and Negatives

Attendance is considered as another Mark type of note, so that you can edit existing icons and values to configure it according to your needs. Also, in the Mark types list now appears the Positives and negatives that with the + and - buttons allow us to obtain a count and that it influences to the final grade.

19. Possibility to configure a two week timetable (A-B) and variables start and end dates

When you create or edit a group you can define with the gear button a variable class timetable according to the month or day of the week setIn this tutorial you will see how to configure it. 

20. Log into multi-device version of Additio App

In Settings appear the direct access to log in with your Additio App user in order to be able to use the multi-device license and synchronize data among all them. In the following tutorials you will find more information about their use and also the answer any questions you may have:

How to use Additio App multi-device license

Sign up and data management

21. Rubrics creation

In Settings you can configure your rubrics to apply them in the column of the group that you want. Here you will find a tutorial to see its possibilities and learn how to set it.

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