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Once created columns with their marks, you can begin calculating the averages.

For it, create and configure a new column with the Formula calculated Mark type (Ver tutorial: Create a column with Calculated formula Mark type). When you save, the Formula generator will appear, which you will use to calculate the average. 

There are two alternatives to obtain averages:

- fx functions

- Enter the formula manually

Both are valid, the only difference is that the first one allow the calculation of the formula in few steps and the other one, allows you to manually perform more complex operations like an Excel.

In the tutorial How to use fx functions you can see the steps to get the weighted average of the First term. We will use the same example to learn how to calculate it applying the formula manually:

Suppose that in the First term you will evaluate as follows:

Positives and negatives: 10%

Average of all the exercises: 30%

Exam: 40%

Attendance: 10%

Participation: 10%


To start, create a column and assign the Formula calculated Mark type. After saving the configuration of the column, the Formula generator will appear in which you can begin to define the formula by selecting the columns and thus, attribute their corresponding percentages.

Click the drop-down button that appears at the bottom left part and of the list, select the First Term tab (in this case, 1st term).

You will see that next to this drop-down button appears all the columns of the tab, allowing you to see all them with an horizontal scroll.  

First select the column of the Positives and negatives (+ -) and then assigns its weight by pressing x  10  %

Then, continues selecting other columns and apply their corresponding percentages, adding up data as shown in the following image:

Once entered all the values, click OK and automatically you will get the average for each student.

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