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1.Quick columns
These are columns with today’s date, which maintain the same format of the previous ones. (Similar performance to the attendance and tardiness tabs).

To create a quick column press large over the name of the tab. Then, enter to Edit and finally activate the Quick columns option.

2.Random selection of a student: magic wand
The magic wand is a tool that allows you to select a student randomly. To use it, press over the icon and automatically, one student will be selected.



3.Rounding marks in calculated columns
If you want to round the final grade of your students, the column must be Calculated formula Mark type.

Press over the title of this column, accessed to the Rounding section and then select the desired value.

4.Add the average mark of the group at the end of each column
To view the average mark, press over the column title. Automatically, the Edit column window will appear and there, you must activate Show column average option.

5.Holidays period: keep or delete scheduled classes
This update will allow you to keep or remove scheduled classes once you create a new school holiday period.

Press over the main menu of the app, access to Settings, then to Configure holidays and create a new holiday period pressing over + symbol. Once defined, a pop-up window will appear warning you that there are scheduled classes on these dates. Select the desired option.

In this tutorial you will see how to define holidays.

6.Accesses a group from the calendar
When you are viewing the calendar in Week or Month display mode, you can access to the desired group without using the main menu.

To do this, press over its name and select the option View group in the pop-up window.

7.The magnifying glass icon on the calendar
This icon speeds up the navigation in the monthly and weekly calendar. You can see its location in the image below:

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