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In the “Edit column” window, you can block a column so that data are not modified.  This option is very useful for locking a column with self-assessment and peer-assessment rubrics, as it will allow you to plan a deadline for the assessment with rubrics.

To lock a column you only have to click on “Edit column” (just click on the title of the column) and select the “Lock column” option. We then ask you to define the start date for locking the columns; you can decide if you want to start from the moment you click on “Lock column” with the option “Always”, or you can manually enter an exact date and hour for the blocking to begin.

To unlock a column you only have to access “Edit column” again and unselect the “lock column” option.


You can always know whether a column is locked thanks to the closed padlock icon next to the title of the column. Whenever you try to modify a locked column, a warning message will appear indicating that the column is locked.


Locking the self-assessment and peer-assessment columns of a rubric will help preventing data modification from a certain date on. If a column is locked, the student or responsible person will get this message:


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