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Update 3.4 brings news for both centers and individual users:

- New Collaborate license for educational centers:

We started to present this new plan for centers, where you can share groups, rubrics, schedules and vacation periods. Do not hesitate to ask for a demo if your center is interested.

-Groups to show in schedule and calendar:

With this option you can select the groups that you want to be displayed in your schedule and calendar, so if you have groups of other teachers for example, you can decide if you want them to appear or not.

-Hide past holidays:

From the option to set the days of vacations you can choose if you want to hide or show the holidays already passed.

- Massive student edition:

From the groups you can edit the information of the students in a massive way, in this way you will not have to access each student's file to modify their data or, for example, to apply a subgroup to the whole class. Option only available in the web version.

-Export your original rubrics:

You can export the rubrics to show them to your students, both the original Rubric and the completed Rubric to evaluate your students. Option only available in the web version.

- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

In addition to these main features are also included in this version several usability improvements, process optimization and correction of small bugs that you have been reporting.

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