Options to set up the calendars

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This section allows you to configure the information you want to be shown in the calendar. To do that, you have to flag or unflag the following options:

  • Hide the days without events in the weekly view. If you activate this option you can compact the information shown in the weekly view. It is unflagged by default.
  • Show Sunday as the first day of the week. You can activate this option if you want Sunday to be the first day of the week in the calendar. It is unflagged by default.
  • Hide weekends. If you activate this option you can also show the events from Saturday and Sunday. It is unflagged by default.
  • Hide sessions from the calendar. With this option you can hide the sessions from the calendar, so that only events are shown. However, the class sessions would be shown in the Schedule.
  • Groups shown in Timetable and Calendar. With this option you can select the groups you would like to be shown in your timetable and calendar. Thus, if you have shared groups from other teachers, you can decide whether you want them to be shown or not.


NOTE: This is valid for the web version. The app version, beside the aforementioned options, also offers the possibilities to “Integrate the Additio App calendar in the device” and to “Show the device’s calendar events in Additio App”.

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