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Once in Settings, the first section you find is called “User” and it has got three options:

My user information: In this section you can find all the information about your user:

  • My data: You can see your email address, name and surname, and you can link the name and logo of your school.
  • Linked accounts: This option allows you to link your Additio App account to a Microsoft or Google email account. You will then be able to access the app more easily from the logging in screen by pressing the corresponding button to access with your Google or Microsoft account. If at some point you wish to unlink your account, you can do so at any moment by selecting ‘Unlink’.

  • My licence: You can find out anytime the licence you are currently subscribed to, the end date of your licence and the storage space.

  • My devices: You can see which devices are linked to your account and unlink those you don’t use.
  • My promotions: You can find out whether you have taken advantage of any of the current promotions –Refer school and Refer a friend.
  • ACT: If you are an Additio App expert, you can become an Additio Certified Teacher.

Update password. You can change your password anytime. You only have to enter the current password and the new one. This is only available in the web version.

Export data: With this option you can export all the data from the app in Excel format. This is only available in the web version.


NOTE: These are the web version options. In the app version, the User option contains: My user data, Password protection and Synchronize. Also bear in mind that the “User data” option contains less information.

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