Create base groups and assign it to teachers

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Base groups are a group of students that share certain common criteria, like the year and the class. According to these criteria, an example of a group could be as follows: 9th grade A. You can search base groups by their name anytime and from the list you can edit or delete a base group.


Creating a base group:

You only have to press on the Create Base Group and choose a name and a colour to identify the base group.


Importing students and pictures:

Once the base group has been created, if you click on the group you can add or import students. By pressing on the + button, the following options will appear to add students and their pictures to the base group:

  • Manually (in a complete or in a quick way)
  • From an existent group
  • From an Excel file
  • From an official platform
  • Import students’ pictures
  • Import group pictures (face recognition)


You can search students with different criteria anytime and from the list you can edit or delete students.


Bulk edit:

By clicking on the Actions button you can massively edit all students’ data.


The edition window has a spreadsheet format that allows you to massively copy-paste data to make editing easier.


NOTE: This option is also available from the group’s menu in Additio App’s web version.

Assigning groups to teachers:

If you click on the “Assign” button you can create groups from the base group and select the teacher in charge of the subject. Once the teacher has been selected, a dialogue will pop up, in which you can configure the group: name, colour, start and end date, and even the timetable the teacher has with this group.


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