Importing the standards from Excel

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You can import the standards from an Excel file. To do so, you have to access the Standards configurator, click on the three vertical dots and select the Standards import option.


Then you will have to drag and drop the Excel file in the spot designed for this purpose, or select the file from your computer. You must click on Next for the import to be made.


NOTE: The Excel file must have the following format for the import to be successful: The code. description. skill, all in the same cell so that rows with standards are created. Thus the program will automatically detect which information corresponds to each field. If you have more than once skill, you will have to separate them with colons (e.g. CMT, CL).


When you import them with Excel, if you had the skill set up at the end of the description, Additio App will automatically link the skill with the standard.


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