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This update 3.2 we have incorporated some of the features most requested by our users:

1. Overwriting calculated formulas  

Sometimes there are students who need a different assessment to other students, it is for this reason that the functionality of overwrite a calculated formula lets you modify the formula calculated of some students to carry a personalized assessment.


2. Summary of attendance

Clicking on each of the cells summary of attendance, teachers can know the number of attendances, absences, tardiness , expulsions, etc. from students, and their percentage as well.


3. Sort the mark types

If the list of mark types you press on the 3 vertical dots Sort option mark types, you will be able to change the order of each mark types. So you can set the order you want. To do so, just drag the name to the position you want to place the mark type.


4. Google Classroom integration

The functionalities that you will have integrated with Google Classroom in this new Web Application version, will be the following:

  • Link group.
  • Link students. 
  • Import students.
  • Import tasks and marks. 


5. Linking resources from Google Drive

Not only will you be able to upload any kind of resource from your computer or mobile device; you will also be able to link files from your Google Drive account from anywhere in the app, just like the other resources are linked.  


NOTE: Once you have synchronized from your mobile devices, you can also have access from your Tablets and iPads to all Google Classroom information and linked Google Drive resources.

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