Linking resources from Google Drive

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Not only will you be able to upload any kind of resource from your computer or mobile device; you will also be able to link files from your Google Drive account from anywhere in the app, just like the other resources are linked.

In order to do that, you will have to click on the + button in the resources’ screens and you will see the “Link from Google Drive” option.

If you click on this option, a modal window will pop up with the folders from your Google Drive account, which you will be able to sort by name, last edited, etc.

Once you have selected a file, it will show in the resources list. If it is a Google file, it will be represented by its icon to be able to distinguish it from the other files.

In the following image we show you as an example the general resources screen of the app, but this would be the same in all the screens related to resources.

Note: If you haven’t logged into your Google user, when clicking on the “Link from Google Drive” option, a modal window will open asking you to log into Google, so you can see your Drive folders.

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