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Once you have a group and its students linked to Google Classroom, you will be able to import the tasks and marks from the “Import tasks and marks” submenu from the Classroom menu in the Additio group.


When selecting this option, a modal window will pop up in which all the tasks of our group linked to Google Classroom will show up.

When clicking on the “Import” button, a tab called Google Classroom with a column for each task imported from Classroom will be created. You will also see the students’ marks in each of these tasks in case they had marks in Google Classroom.

If you click the right button on one of the columns, two options will appear at the end of the contextual menu, where a page in another browser’s tab will be opened with the details of the corresponding task in Google Classroom. You will also be able to open the attached documents in Google Drive from those students that have them for that specific task.


  • In the case of the Google Classroom tab, the + button to add column equals the menu option “Import tasks and marks” from the Classroom submenu of the group. 
  • In the column settings you will not be able to change the type of mark; by default it would be the Numerical keypad option so that it is compatible with that of Google Classroom.
  • If one of these columns is edited and you click on the Classroom icon that is shown next to the window’s title, the corresponding task will be opened in Google Classroom in another browser tab.
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