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If, when linking a Google Classroom group, you did not link your students, you will be able to do it whenever you want with the “Link students” option in the Google Classroom submenu, shown in the menu of our application’s linked group.


Once you have the list of students and click on the Link students option, the app will automatically relate the students you have in the group-class and those you have in Google Classroom. Pressing button "Link" you will link all students who have matches in the name.


Students that do not match can be linked manually, since the app will show students who have not linked and you can relate.

Invited students who have not accepted the invitation to join the Google Classroom group will not appear in the app until they accept the invitation.

Note: If you want to import the images too, you need to check the option: Import pictures.


When selecting the student from the group that you need to link, all the Google Classroom group students that are not linked will be shown, so that you can choose which you want to link our student to. Once the Google Classroom student you wish to link our student to is selected, you will have to click on the “Link” button.



Once the students have been linked you will get a message asking if you want to import tasks and notes from Google Classroom, at this moment you can accept or not, although you can always do it from the option Import tasks and marks.


In order to unlink a Google Classroom student, you will have to open the student’s file and click on the Actions button.

Note: You will also be able to unlink by clicking on the right button on a student and selecting the corresponding option.

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