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To be able to use any of the Google Classroom features from our application, you should log into your Classroom user session.

If you already logged in before opening our app, your credentials will not be required again. However, if you haven’t logged in with your Classroom user, then we will ask you to log into your Google user session when using any of the features. Once you have accessed, your credentials will not be requested again.

Note: The window that pops up when requesting for the Classroom access belongs to Google, so no sensitive information of your Google account will not be saved in our application.

If you have logged into Google with a different user than your Google Classroom user before using our application, an alert message will show up in which we explain you will have to log out and log in again to your Classroom user.

In order to make the user change easier, you have to answer Yes to the alert window question to open a new browser tab with the Classroom access website. In this Classroom page, you will have to log out as indicated in the bottom left part of the image.

Once you have closed the incorrect user session, a page will open to ask you to access your Classroom access. Once you have accessed, you will have to go back to the browser tab where you opened the application to use all Google Classroom features as usual.

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