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From your phone, search the Edvoice application in Google Play or the App Store and download it for free.


Log in:

Once you have downloaded the app in your phone, the first step is choosing which type of user you are.


If you are a teacher, you only have to access with the Additio App credentials: enter your username and password and you’ll be granted access.


Group list:

To be able to view the group list where you’ll send the messages, you have to access a group from the Additio App web version, click on the three vertical dots, select the Edvoice option and click on the Enable option. After this action, the group you have enabled will appear in Edvoice.


Once you have sent the codes to students and parents, they will have to join the groups.

You will always be able to check which parents or students are part of the group from the Send access codes modal window, from the Additio App web version.

Note: To be able to enable Edvoice, you must have the appropriate licence. If you have any doubts or problems when enabling Edvoice, please contact us at info@additioapp.com.



In the Edvoice app, when you select a group from the list the “story” of that group will open. There you can see all the sent messages, including the marks you have sent to students and parents.


Sending a message:

You can send messages to parents or students from the Edvoice app, so that all students and parents that have joined the group can see them.

You only have to go to the bottom part of the story screen to be able to write it and send it.


Changing the group icon:

If you click on the name of the group, you can view who the members of the group are and modify its icon by clicking on Edit. Edvoice offers a series of preset icons so that you can customize the group.


Edvoice menu:

From the 3 horizontal lines icon at the left top part of the screen, when viewing the group list, you can access the app menu.

- User profile: In this window you can check you user data and log out.

- Contact: You can send an email to the customer support service if you have any problem or question.

- Help: You can access the Edvoice tutorials.

- Log out: You can log out from the Edvoice session in your device.

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