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From your phone, search the Edvoice application in Google Play or the App Store and download it for free.


Sign up and log in:

Once you have downloaded the app in your phone, the first step is choosing which type of user you are.


If you have already signed up, you only have to enter your username and password and you’ll be granted access to the app.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you have to sign up: enter your name, surname, username and password.


Add your groups:

To be able to join an Edvoice group, you have to enter the code given by you teacher or your school. In order to do it, click on the + option that appears one you have logged in and enter the code.


You will have to follow this procedure as many times as groups the students belong to. From the moment you enter the code you will be part of the group and you will be able to receive the messages sent by the teacher or the school.

In case that you have more than one child, you only have to enter the access code of the second child and the application will automatically generate a list with your children. When you select a child you will see the groups to which the student belongs.


When you select a group from the list, the “story” of that group will open. There you can see all the messages sent by the teacher or the school. In the story you will also receive the marks this group’s teacher has sent.


Edvoice menu:

From the 3 horizontal lines icon at the left top part of the screen, when viewing the group list, you can access the app menu.

- User profile: In this window you can check you user data and log out.

- Contact: You can send an email to the customer support service if you have any problem or question.

- Help: You can access the Edvoice tutorials.

- Log out: You can log out from the Edvoice session in your device.


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