Sending messages

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You can send messages to a whole base group. In order to do it, you have to:

Click on the Send message option that appears in the Edvoice menu of the base group.


Once the modal window pops up, you only have to click on the Students selector to choose who is going to receive your message, and whether the students, their parents or both will be the ones to receive it.

Then you only have to choose a subject (optional) and write the message you want them to receive.

Click on the Send button and the recipients will receive the message in their mobile phones, although only as long as they have installed the Edvoice application and have joined the group through the enabling codes.


Please bear in mind that the messages that are sent from the admin panel will be general, that is, for all the students, for all the parents or for all the parents and all the students.

Once the messages have been sent, you will get a confirmation or alert message in the case that some students or parents have not enabled Edvoice in their mobile phones yet.

NOTE: The Send message option from a school is only available from the admin panel.

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