How to enable Edvoice and send access codes from Additio

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From Additio, the teachers who have an Edvoice license will be able to

  • send messages from all their groups
  • send invites so that students and parents can join Edvoice
  • Disable Edvoice in groups if they change their mind.

To do this, you must from an Additio account, go to the list of your groups to select the group with which you want to use Edvoice.


Enable Edvoice

You first need to enable Edvoice before being able to send messages.

Select the group that you wish to enable. Once the group is open, press on the 3 vertical dots menu on the top right part of the screen.  In this menu, click on the Edvoice option and then click on the Enable option.

NOTE: You can only enable Edvoice from the Additio web version.

Disable Edvoice

Select a group and click on the Edvoice option from the group’s menu. Then click on the Disable Edvoice option.

By clicking on this option, you will no longer be able to send any more messages and the group will disappear from parents’ and students’ Edvoice app, along with all the message history.

You can enable the group again anytime by clicking on the Activate option that appears in the Edvoice option in the group’s menu. Once it is enabled, the previously sent messages will appear again and communication with the parents and students will be restored.

Send access codes

With this option you can send all the enabling codes for both students and their parents. You can do it in different ways: individually or collectively.


  1. Click on the Generate invites option on the top part of the codes. A PDF document will be created with a page for each student. In each page you can find the codes and the steps to enable accounts and join the group.

  2. Click on the Send to all by email option, which appears at the end of the students’ list, so that all of them receive the email with their codes.



Click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the student’s enabling code. This option allows you to

  • Send the code to the student by email
  • Send the code to the parents by email
  • Send the code to both the student and the parents by email



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