News about 3.1 update

Judit -

- New mark type: Attendance count

 This new mark type allows you to count the number of times one of the Attendance mark types is repeated. Moreover, you can select a specific range of dates. Here you can see it.

- Deleting the rows and columns of the rubrics

 This update allows you to delete rows and columns in those rubrics that still have not been assigned to an assessment column in a group.

- Birthday cake icon next to the photo of a student on their birth date

Now you will be able to know when each student’s birthday is. On their birthday you will see a birthday cake next to their picture.

- Bigger students’ pictures

 If you press on the student’s picture and select the Preview option, you will be able to enlarge the image. See it here.

- Checking the Class Planning in the views Today and Weekly calendar

 With this update you will be able to check the daily planning from the Today view and from the weekly calendar. In these views you will see the planning icon; when you click on it, it will open so you can check it.

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